Ultherapy: let’s talk off label

Ultherapy is a break through skin treatment that uses the power of ultrasound to tighten and build collagen in your skin. If you follow us or have done your own research on this treatment you should know that it is best known and indicated for the areas between the forehead and décolleté (upper chest area). However, Ultherapy can and has been used in areas throughout the body eliciting the same results! Smoother, tighter, and firmer skin. These are the areas we as Ultherapy providers term as off label. These off label areas we treat include but are not limited to the arms, buttock, thighs, and knees! Really anywhere you have skin that has lost its elasticity and has begun to sag. This treatment is gentle enough to be done on the face so why not treat your whole body!

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